Fulgor three-segment boom

Fulgor three-segment boom

With its long-reach mowing capability, the Fulgor three-segment boom arm mower offers a high level of performance.
With a three-segment boom, the Fulgor arm mower offers a horizontal reach of 12.50 m and can be used for work at road level and vertical pruning.

Technical leaflet


Key features of the Fulgor three-segment boom arm mower
  • Dual cylinder on jib and intermediate boom
  • Horizontal reach of 9.50 m to 12.00 m
  • Telescopic secondary boom on Fulgor 950 and 1200
  • Fixed secondary boom on Fulgor 1000
  • Max. vertical reach of 11.18 m (pruning with pruning blades)
  • Available exclusively from Rousseau: fully hydraulic pistons (rotor and movements)
  • Electronic SPLC adjustable proportional control optional

120° sweep


Pruning protection

  • Protection for tankPruning-protection-kit

Protection by case

  • Protective-housingProtection on all jib and intermediate boom cylinders

Rigid piping protected by case

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Bielle et contre bielle

  • Link rod-_-counter-link rodEnsures good amplification of movement

APS Control

  • Programmable and easy-to-use proportional control over movements of the jib, secondary boom, sweep/safety mechanism, and body
  • Special load-sensing hydraulics
  • Customized operation
  • Programming and troubleshooting module

Double cylinder

  • Dual cylinder on jib and intermediate boom to limit pressure in the cylinders

Pruning protection

  • Pruning-protection-kit-2Protection on telescope cylinder and rod

Technicals specifications

Range FULGOR 950 1000 1200
Max horizontal reach9,50 m10,00 m12,00 m
Max vertical reach9,78 m10,33 m11,18 m
Embankment reach 45°9,40 m9,95 m11,90 m
Ditch reach 45°7,14 m7,53 m9,70 m
Hedge trimming reach2,95 m3,22 m3,75 m
Max height over hedge7,25 m8,00 m9,08 m
Clearance under boom1,24 m1,30 m1,27 m
Transport height3,96 m4,40 m4,40 m
Sweeping angle120 °120 °120 °
Cutting head rotation angle220 °220 °220 °
First arm section160 x 10 mm160 x 10 mm160 x 10 mm
Intermediary arm section150 x 6,3 mm150 x 6,3 mm150 x 6,3 mm
Second arm section150 x 6,3 mm150 x 6,3 mm150 x 6,3 mm
Telescope section120 x 6,3 mm-120 x 6,3 mm
Telescope length1,00 m-1,20 m
Weight3200 kg3400 kg3650 kg

Pump specification

Power at 1000 rpm

Tank capacity

Control system

Cooling system

Bent-axis axial piston pump and motor

82 hp (60 kW) at 1000 rpm

110 litres

electronic two-way rotation with gradual speed change

Cooling system as standard

Pump specification


Power at 1000 rpm

Distributor control


Body cylinder clutch

Oleo-pneumatic lift

Axial pistons

forced filtration + backflow tank (10 microns)

26 hp (20 kW)

Hydraulic system with electrical load-sensing proportional controls

Hydraulic floating head

Two piston accumulators

Cutting width

Cutting height

Rotor diameter

Gauge roller diameter

Width of universal rotor

Width of brush cutter rotor

Motor specification

Rotor rotation speed

Rotor drive

1200 mm

adjustable from 35 to 95 mm

410 mm

140 mm (168 mm available as an option)

1200 mm

1200 mm

Bent-axis axial pistons (30 cm3)

3150 rpm

Kevlar timing belt

Machine/tractor linkage

Assembly on tractor

Minimum tractor weight


Special reinforced chassis for Fulgor three-segment boom

Manufactured in our factory

8 tonnes

1000 kg monolithic block

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