From 1962 to the present day…

1962: Rousseau invented the first arm mower with a rotor and mechanical drivetrain.

1970: Rousseau launched Castor, the first long-range arm mower with a telescopic boom.

1980s: Rousseau continued to develop in the roadside maintenance market with the launch of the Mangouste.

1990s: Advent of the Fulgor range, created to meet the heavy-duty requirements of agricultural contractors, public works fleets and motorway companies. SIMA Innovation Award for Visiotronic controls.

2000s: Launch of the Arthéa, Tinéa, Théa and Agora ranges.

Optimisation of driving comfort with the integration of control interactivity (SPLC control) and top of the range options.

2010s: Advent of a new generation of arm mowers, Kastor and Altéa, with their original design and unique manufacturing concept, the use of hot rolling.

Facts and Figures:

  • More than 75,000 machines since 1962
  • Turnover €20,000,000
  • 130 staff
  • Covered facilities of 16,000 m² in Lyon
  • One engineering department
  • Four regional managers and four itinerant technical inspectors
  • One Rousseau training department
  • A network of 150 distributors
  • 1000 tonnes of steel used each year
  • 30,000 referenced parts

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