Designed to meet the needs of farmers, agricultural machinery cooperatives and local authorities, the Kastor range of mower-brushcutters combines ease of use and efficiency, thus ensuring that work is completed to a high standard and within established deadlines.

With a reinforced cutting tool, cast steel yokes and a 110° pivot which guarantees the machine agility, the Kastor arm mower is part of the TP range and can be attached to the rear hitch assembly on a tractor.



Key features of the Kastor arm mower

  • Jib shaft 140×140 thickness 10 mm
  • Secondary boom 120×120 thickness 10
  • Electric control oleo-pneumatic accumulator
  • TP range arm mower attachable to the rear hitch assembly on a tractor
  • Pull-back system guarantees the machine agility
  • 115 litre fluid tank with cooling system
  • Large diameter shafts mounted on Teflon ring + shaft stop
  • Protection and optimization of cable routing
  • Cast steel yokes
  • Transport valve with manual lock



Electric single-lever control

Simple, compact, ergonomic

  • Electric single-lever control EPS 4W (all proportional movements)
Manip Elec 2mvts prop


afficheursDepending on the chosen control system

Cutting head

  • Profiled and reinforced steel cutting head
  • Indirect drive of rotor via fibre glass timing belt
  • Choice of mowing or brush-cutting profile
  • Detachable 140 mm diameter gauge roller (Enduro optional)

Universal rotor 1,20 m

  • Shackles 14 mm in diameter, 60 Forgex Y-flails, as standard
  • Option to fit a brush-cutting rotor with flanges 8 mm in thickness and 28 brush-cutting flails, instead of the universal rotor (optional)

L.E.M. modular dead-nettle

  • 2 or 3 blades Ø 600, 650 or 700 mm. Cutting width of 1.08 to 1.66 m.
  • Option to fit dual beds of moving cutters
  • Profiled body made of very robust light alloy, lifetime guarantee
  • Centralised lubrication on main module

Cutting shears (1,50 ou 2,25 m)

  • Articulated blade and fixed counter-blade
  • High-resistance blade and hydraulic drive system completely protected by cowling

Hitching triangulation kit

  • Stiffening without chassis: optional


  • Adds rigidity to three-point hitch: optional


KASTOR Range 500 P 550 P 500 PA 550PA
Max horizontal reach5,02 m5,51 m5,02 m5,51 m
Max vertical reach6,60 m7,00 m6,60 m7,00 m
Embankment reach 45°5,03 m5,53 m5,03 m5,53 m
Ditch reach 45°2,07 m2,55 m2,07 m2,55 m
Ditch reach 45° (reversing pivot)2,72 m3,22 m2,72 m3,22 m
Hedge trimming reach2,20 m2,10 m2,20 m2,10 m
Max. height over hedge3,30 m3,63 m3,30 m3,63 m
Clearance under boom1,50 m1,50 m1,50 m1,50 m
Transport height3,75 m3,85 m3,75 m3,85 m
cutting head120 steel120 steel120 steel120 steel
Sweeping angle110°110°110°110°
Cutting head rotation angle220°220°220°220°
Reversing systemoptionaloptionoptionaloption
First arm section140x140x10140x140x10140x140x10140x140x10
Secondary boom120x120x10120x120x10120x120x10120x120x10
TOTAL MACHINE WEIGHT1500 kg1550 kg1500 kg1550 kg
TRACTOR/MACHINE LINKAGE3-point hitching with stiffener bars3-point hitching with stiffener bars3-point hitching with stiffener bars3-point hitching with stiffener bars

Pump specification


Tank capacity

Control system

Cooling system

Open circuit, gears, steel body

60 hp, PTO 540 rpm or 1000 rpm

115 litres

Electrical two-way rotation

Cooling system as standard

Pump specification


Power at 1,000 rpm

Distributor control

Cylinder release

Oleo-pneumatic lift

Gear pump with steel body

Pressurised + return (filtration = 10 microns)

22 hp (16.3 kW) at 1,000 rpm

Electric single-lever control EPS 4W (all proportional movements)

Float à commande électrique

Accumulator with electric controls (as standard)

Cutting width

Cutting height

Rotor diameter

Gauge roller diameter

Width of universal rotor

Motor specification

Rotor rotation speed

Rotor drive

1200 mm

adjustable from 50 to 80 mm

410 mm

140 mm as standard (maintenance-free Enduro optional)

1200 mm fitted with 60 Forgex Y-flails and 30 shackles 14 mm in diameter

Gear motor with steel body (as standard). TP piston motor (optinal)

3000 tr/min

Fibre glass timing belt (width 37 mm)

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