Intended for private customers, farmers and small community authorities, the Tinéa range is the result of Rousseau’s extensive expertise.With its 100° pivot for excellent agility and its hydraulic obstacle-avoidance safety system, the Tinéa brushcutter can be fitted with a 1.00 m or 1.20 m cutting head. 

Technical leaflet


Key features
  • Pivot-mounted linkage, 100° sweep
  • 1 m or 1.20 m cutting head, direct or indirect drive
  • Hydraulic safety mechanism
  • Cooling system optional



100° pivot and sweep

  • Hydraulic safety mechanismpivotTinÇa3

Float function

  • For improved tracking of ground surface

Two-way rotation

  • Two-way rotation with cable control in cab

4 cutting head type

  • Width: 1.00 m or 1.20 m
  • Direct or indirect drive


  • Multi-lever cable controlAgora_PAtÇlÇflexibles1
  • Electrical controlcetorTinÇa3

Cooling system

  • Cooling system optional

Direct drive

  • As standardTinÇaL1030951

Technicals specifications

Max horizontal reach4,73 m
Max vertical reach5,45 m
Embankment reach 45°4,60 m
Ditch reach 45°3,11 m
Hedge trimming reach2,72 m
Max height over hedge3,37 m
Transport height3,11 m
Transport width1,93 m
Clearance under boom1,13 m
Cutting head rotation angle180 °
Sweeping angle100 °
Weight790 kg

Machine shipped assembled, tested, run in, with hydraulic fluid and transmission oil filled

  • Hydraulic motor at end of rotor, universal rotor with 36 flails
  • 110 litre fluid tank. Rotor power: 42 hp PTO: 540 rpm
  • 1.00 m cutting head – Direct drive
  • Two-way rotation
  • Oleo-pneumatic float and lift system
  • Pivoting hydraulic safety mechanism
  • Reinforced body with removable cover depending on side with grass
  • Self-supporting housing with integral bumpers
  • Three-point hitch with stiffeners
  • Cable controls
  • Removable gauge roller
  • 1.20 m cutting head
  • Indirect belt-drive
  • Single-lever electrical control with hour counter
  • Electrically controlled accumulator
  • 1.00 m brush-cutting rotor – 20 beaters
  • Minilem® pruning blades fitted with moving cutter plates or saw blades
  • Gauge roller raising kit
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