The Théa range offers two linkage options: straight boom (P) or extended boom (PA) with the option to choose combined low pressure single-level proportional control. It also offers various options enabling the machine to be adapted to the user’s requirements.

Technical leaflet


Key features of the Théa arm mower
  • Straight boom or 60 cm extended boom
  • Central pivot, 115° sweep
  • Shafts and bushes with lubrication seals
  • Optional combined low pressure single-lever proportional control with hour counter
  • Bumpers with integrated struts



Central pivot

  • THEA-photo6115° sweep

Shafts and bushes with lubrication seals

  • Long service life through prevention of premature wearTHEA-photo7

Safety bumper guards

  • With four integrated strutsTHEA-photo12


  • Multi-lever cable controlAgoraPAtÇlÇflexibles1Agora_BPMagri7
  • Low pressure single-lever control

Quarter-turn valves

  • Locking in transport position
  • Manual lift (electrical control optional)THEA-photo9

Optional cooling

  • Heavy-duty work carried out without excessive strain on hydraulic componentsTHEA_photo11

Hydraulic 42 HP

  • Gear pump and motor with steel body

Universal cutting head 1,20 m

  • 60 Y-flails
  • Indirect belt-drive
  • Two-way rotationIndirect drive


  • Triangular hitchFT2218LWF3
  • Special chassis with swivel fitting

Technicals specifications

Range Théa 450 P 500 P 450 PA 500 PA
Max horizontal reach4,50 m5,05 m4,50 m5,05 m
Max vertical reach5,90 m 6,49 m 5,90 m6,49 m
Embankment reach 45°4,65 m5,26 m4,65 m5,26 m
Ditch reach 45°2,40 m2,88 m2,40 m2,88 m
Hedge trimming reach2,80 m3,05 m2,80 m3,05 m
Max height over hedge3,85 m4,22 m3,85 m4,22 m
Transport height3,50 m4,00 m3,50 m4,00 m
Transport width1,60 m1,60 m1,90 m1,90 m
Clearance under boom1,53 m1,59 m1,53 m1,59 m
Cutting head rotation angle180°180°180°180°
Sweeping angle115°115°115°115°
Weight940 kg1000 kg950 kg1010 kg

Machine shipped assembled, tested, run in, with hydraulic fluid and transmission oil filled

  • Indirect drive, 1.20 m universal rotor, 60 Y-flails, shackles 12.5 mm in diameter
  • Steel pump and engine bodies and gears
  • Independent hydraulic system, 110 litre fluid tank.
  • Rotor power: 42 hp PTO: 540 rpm
  • Two-way rotation
  • Oleo-pneumatic float and lift system as standard
  • Pivoting hydraulic safety mechanism, 115° sweep
  • Profiled and reinforced body, 180° angle of rotation, removable hood
  • Self-supporting housing with integral bumpers
  • Three-point hitch with stiffener bar
  • Cable controls
  • Removable gauge roller
  • Combined low pressure control
  • 1.20 m cutting head with indirect drive via two trapezoidal belts
  • Cooling system
  • Electrically controlled accumulator
  • Forgex universal rotor, 14 mm fittings
  • Standard brush-cutting rotor
  • L.E.M.® pruning blades
  • Brush-cutting hood
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