Designed for worksites requiring frequent upkeep, the Agora range is suitable for use with all tractors over 65 hp. The Agora arm mower is available in two versions, 50 hp or 60 hp, and is fitted with a TP profiled and reinforced cutting head.



Key features of the Agora arm mower
  • Straight boom or 60 cm extended boom (i.e. 1.29 m between the jib shaft and the rotor shaft)
  • Rotor power 50 hp (gear pump and motor with steel body) or 60 hp (piston pump and motor)
  • Central pivot, 110° sweep
  • TP profiled and reinforced 1.20 m cutting head
  • Cooling system



Axles and rings with lubrification seals

  • Long service life through prevention of premature wearTHEA-photo7

Universal cutting head 1.20 m (50 hp machine)

  • 60 Y-flails
  • Indirect drive via two trapezoidal belts
  • PTO: 540 rpm
  • Two-way rotation

Universal cutting head 1.20 m (60 hp machine)

  • 60 Forgex flails
  • Indirect drive via timing belt
  • PTO: 1000 rpm
  • Two-way rotation


  • Agora_BPMagri7Agora_PAtÇlÇflexibles1Multi-lever cable control
  • Low pressure single-lever control

Hydraulic power 50 hp

  • 50 hp gear pump and motor with steel bodyAgora_photo10

Hydraulic power 60 hp

  • 60 hp piston pump and motor
  • TP closed circuit rotary piston pumpAgora-hydrau


  • Triangular hitch
  • Special chassis with swivel fittingFT2218LWF3

Technicals specifications

Range AGORA 450 P 500 P 550 P 450 PA 500 PA 550 PA
Max horizontal reach4,56 m5,03 m5,51 m4,56 m5,03 m5,51 m
Max vertical reach5,73 m6,35 m6,81 m5,73 m6,35 m6,81 m
Embankment reach 45°4,75 m5,22 m5,70 m4,75 m5,22 m5,70 m
Ditch reach 45°2,31 m2,87 m3,28 m2,31 m2,87 m3,28 m
Hedge trimming reach2,05 m1,85 m1,85 m2,05 m1,85 m1,85 m
Max height over hedge3,64 m3,67 m3,91 m3,64 m3,67 m3,91 m
Transport height3,67 m3,60 m3,80 m3,67 m3,60 m3,80 m
Transport width2,11 m2,35 m2,37 m2,29 m2,30 m2,32 m
Clearance under boom1,39 m1,54 m1,57 m1,39 m1,54 m1,57 m
Cutting head rotation angle200 °200 °200 °200 °200 °200 °
Sweeping angle110 °110 °110 °110 °110 °110 °
Total machine weight1150 kg1200 kg1250 kg1150 kg1200 kg1250 kg

Machine shipped assembled, tested, run in, with hydraulic fluid and transmission oil filled

  • Independent hydraulic system, 110 litre fluid tank, fluid cooling system
  • Two-way rotation
  • Oleo-pneumatic float and lift system as standard
  • Pivoting hydraulic safety mechanism, 110° sweep
  • TP profiled and reinforced body, 200° angle of rotation
  • Self-supporting housing with integral bumpers and indicator lights
  • Three-point hitch with stiffener bar
  • Driven by two trapezoidal belts
  • 1.20 m universal rotor, 60 Forgex flails, shackles 14 mm in diameter
  • Steel pump and engine bodies and gears
  • Rotor power: 50 hp, PTO: 540 rpm
  • Driven by timing belt
  • 1.20 m universal rotor, 60 Forgex flails, shackles 14 mm in diameter
  • Piston pumps and motors for rotor
  • Steel gear pump for movement
  • Rotor power: 60 hp, PTO: 1000 rpm
  • Assisted lift (single-lever control): Electrically controlled accumulator
  • Standard brush-cutting rotor
  • L.E.M® pruning blades
  • Brush-cutting hood
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